Capitalizing Life Science Innovations

  Gain Therapeutics

Sohang Chatterjee, Co-Founder, CEO and Director

Praesidia Biotherapeutics, Inc. (Private)

“Praesidia is my third startup where I have successfully raised equity investment. Both previous companies I started and exited were funded by large VCs. As we look at the last six months of working with Allele in completing our Series A financing, we are delighted we decided to work with them. From our introductory call in December 2020, to signing our term sheet and subsequent closing of our financing in July 2021, the Allele Team worked with us like an extension of management team. They were fair and forthcoming with the partnership terms and reasonable in resolving roadblocks along the way. Most importantly, Allele helped prepare and refine our corporate deck, rehearse our interactions with investors, and fine tune our broader corporate strategy and timelines. Allele also brought in several esteemed KOLs to our company, and attracted an extensive network of life science institutional investors, family offices and accredited investors to our financing. Going forward, we look forward to the continued insights and meaningful contributions from Allele to ensure Praesidia achieves its milestones and inflection points in order to become a truly impactful biotherapeutic organization for patients in need.”​